Friday, November 9, 2012

Final Blog Post

Since this is the final blog post for this class, I've decided to talk about my future. I only have one semester left here are University of the Sciences, after which I will have earned my BS in Bioinformatics with a minor in psychology. My career goal is to work in the public health department as a genetic counselor.

Pursuing a career in genetic counseling is the ultimate goal after graduation. I am currently applying to many graduate programs across the country in hopes of getting accepted to at least one of them. My fall back plan, if I end up not getting accepted to any genetic counseling graduate programs, is to continue my education in human genetics and epidemiology.

My biggest fear when thinking about the future is that I will go through all this schooling and get these degrees and not be able to get a job. While I have had significant financial aid through the government and the University, I still have a large amount of debt that I will need to start paying off after I complete all of my degree programs. I am extremely afraid that I am not going to find a job in my field, which will leave me unable to pay off my debt.

While this is a reasonable fear (to me at least) I believe that I have good employable qualities that will help me get my dream job. The field of genetic counseling is also growing at decent rate, which means as times goes on and new technology is produced this career will be more in-demand. The only thing that holds the field of genetics back is the lack of cost-effective technology. I'm sure this will come with time though!

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