Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Reports Gather Information

This is a team blog, done with a partner. The topic is school shootings and we were asked to research articles and find how a writer gathers and verifies information, how the writer handles quotes and attributions, and how the writer obtains background information.

The first article was from the Huffington Post titled "Oklahoma School Shooting: 1 Dead in Suicide at Stillwater Junior High School." The writer interviewed many people, mostly students, but also included the police captain and parents. There was also information from the superintendent. Much of the background information on what happened was from the child's friends and witnesses of what happened. Quotes were mainly used from the students. There was also a decent amount of background information from the police, explaining why this may have happened and how the weapon came to be in the hands of an eighth grader.

The second article we looked at was from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The writer interviewed many first hand witnesses and obtained much of his background information from medical records and police statements.

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